The Co-Operative Bank Plc - SORT CODE: 08-90-65

Sort Code Details
Sort Code08-90-65
Equivalent sort code: 089065
The banking institution's sort code
BankThe Co-Operative Bank Plc
Commonly used abbreviated bank name
Branch / OfficeCustomer Services 089065
AddressPo Box 48, 1 Balloon St,
Phone0845 7212212
CountryGreat Britain ( GB )
Payments Support
Faster PaymentsFaster Payments can be sent to this sort code.
Direct DebitsBacs Direct Debits can be set up on this sort code.
C&CCC PaymentsEligible for Cheque & Credit Clearing.
CHAPSCHAPS Payments can be sent to this sort code.
BACSBacs Credit payments can be sent to this sort code

What is a UK Sort Code?

A sort code is the name given by both the British and Irish banking industry to the bank codes which are used to route money transfers between banks within their respective countries via their respective clearance organisations.

The six-digit sort code number and an identifier for both the bank and the branch where the bank account is held.

In some cases, the first digit of the sort code identifies the bank itself and in other cases the first 2 digits identify the bank.

What are CHAPS Payments?

CHAPS is a same-day system for payments made within the UK in sterling.

Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS) payments are electronic bank-to-bank same-day payments, and sent as SWIFT messages.

Payments via CHAPS are processed using a sort code and an account number. Payments that are sent on a business day will be credited to the customer’s account on the same day. The business day is defined as being from 06.00 to 16.20, Monday to Friday excluding UK Bank Holidays.

What are Faster Payments?

Faster Payments Service (FPS) is one of three main payment schemes in the United Kingdom. (aside from BACS and CHAPS)

The FPS allows payments to be sent at a time determined by the payer, either immediately or at a later date.

Payment transactions via FPS are processed on sort code and account number and have a maximum value limit set.

FPS between direct participants are usually executed and made available to the payee’s account within two hours.

FPS payments can be processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but inter-bank settlement only occurs three times a day on Mondays to Fridays, excluding bank holidays

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Some types of savings & investment accounts cannot accept Direct Debit instructions, for more information regarding individual accounts, we recommend that you speak to your bank or building society.

Only your bank can truly confirm the services that are available to you. If you are making an important payment, which is time critical, we recommend that you speak to your bank first to confirm the services that are offer to you.

Individual sort codes are allocated by members of the UK payment schemes (Bacs, CHAPS, Faster Payments and Cheque and Credit Clearing) to those financial institutions that participate in one or more of the Schemes.